The New Amsterdam Dispensary: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis in Oregon

Have you ever pondered, “Can anyone buy from a dispensary in Oregon?” Look no further. The New Amsterdam Dispensary is not just about selling top-notch cannabis products; we’re also here to enlighten and guide you through Oregon’s cannabis landscape.

Who’s Eligible to Shop Cannabis in Oregon?
If you’re 21 years or older, you’re welcome to experience and purchase from our extensive range of recreational marijuana, sourced and curated from the best farms, all available at OLCC-licensed The New Amsterdam Dispensary outlets.

Spotlight on Our Prime Locations:

Kerby: Located just a stone’s throw away from both Cave Junction and Selma, our Kerby dispensary is strategically positioned for locals and travelers alike. Surrounded by Oregon’s scenic beauty, this outlet provides both a tranquil shopping environment and the convenience of accessibility. Whether you’re a resident of Cave Junction, Selma, or just passing through, our Kerby location is your go-to spot for all things cannabis.
Lakeview: At the heart of Lakeview, this branch showcases a comprehensive product line, ensuring we cater to the tastes of both beginners and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.
Portland: Our iconic Portland store seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering a rich selection from classic strains to the latest in cannabis innovation.
Embracing the Culture of Sharing:
In Oregon, the act of sharing or gifting recreational marijuana amongst adults is a cherished tradition. It emphasizes the state’s spirit of community and camaraderie. However, do remember, while gifting warms hearts, selling without an authorized license is not permissible.

Grow Your Personal Cannabis Garden:
For those who want a more personal touch, Oregon promotes the cultivation of your own marijuana plants with specific guidelines:

Plant Count: Every household, irrespective of the number of adults, is limited to growing 4 marijuana plants.
Privacy Matters: Ensure your cultivation space remains discreet and away from public view, respecting community aesthetics and norms.

Why The New Amsterdam Dispensary Stands Out:
In a state that celebrates the cannabis culture, The New Amsterdam Dispensary is proud to be a hallmark of quality, trust, and empowerment. Our locations in Kerby, Lakeview, and Portland are not just stores but hubs of education and awareness.

Each visit promises a unique experience, enriched by our knowledgeable staff, waiting to guide you through your cannabis exploration.

In the heart of Oregon’s evolving cannabis scenario, trust The New Amsterdam Dispensary to be your constant. Dive into the herbal symphony and celebrate the beauty of Oregon with us.


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