Interview with Siskiyou Sungrown: A Clean Green Certified Grower


For those unfamiliar, could you give me a quick synopsis of Sisikyou Sungrown.

Siskiyou sungrown is a family run company located in southern oregon. Our founder Cesar Grey has been growing for 20 years. We use all organic products and techniques. We are all sungrown, all outdoor and all love. Our RSO is our flagship product, and ¾ of our fields are  dedicated to RSO and tinctures and ¼ is dedicated to flower. ½ of our fields are dedicated to CBD Rich products, and the other ½ is dedicated to THC rich products.

You take extra care to use organic products and techniques whenever you can. Why is that and What difference does it make with the product?

We believe that growing with all organic and pure techniques is best for the environment, creates the highest level of integrity, and, in the end, it makes a better product

What obstacles has this created for SS?

Haha well it really hasn’t created many obstacles. We have all been farming organically for so long that we don’t see it as an obstacle that needs to be overcome. It is just the way things are done. Maybe the one obstacle is how much care we put into selecting the products we use.

Tell me about your RSO?

We will have 3 different varieties available in the next year CBD Rich, 1:1, and THC Rich.we use all organic cane alcohol which means there are no toxic residuals that you can get from other products.

What are you working on now?

In addition to the 3 varieties of RSO, we have 3 Green Houses and one coming soon, we will be doing light deprivation techniques in the greenhouses, producing flower and extractable material.

What has been one of your personal favorite strains to grow? Or one you are particularly proud Of? Why?

Z7 is definitely a strain we are very proud of growing. That has 18% CBD and under .59% THC.

If you could change one thing about the industry what would it be?

Well, since we are located in Southern Oregon, but most of our business comes from portland. I wish that sales people were able to take more product with them at a time, and that you could get a storage facility that didn’t cost thousands of dollars.

Any tips for home grows?

Stay away from toxic chemicals, keep it clean and natural, grow with the sun , but if you do grow inside, make sure you get a lot of ventilation.

Where do you see SS in the next few years?

We will definitely be expanding and growing. This year we will be getting our ODA Hemp license. This past year we were operating with two medical licenses and one recreational.We are also working on powderizing our oils and putting them to capsules. We also have the very real goal of getting our CBD oil in all 50 states, and I could see us growing on 100’s of aces before long.

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