Pass the Glass: How and Why Cannabis-Smokers Use this Versatile Material

The Many Uses of Glass

The Medium of Choice

Clear and delicate, glass has stood as the medium of choice for cannabis smokers of all levels, whether beginners, or avid stoners. And there is a good reason for it. One will find a variety of cannabis paraphernalia on the market made of glass, as the material enhances the overall experience of smoking the green bud. Unlike other materials like metal, plastic or wood, heating up glass does not emit any chemicals, nor does it change the odor of the cannabis.

Another fun benefit of glass is its ability to be shaped and colored in an array of shapes and designs. The visual options are endless, making glass a great way to personalize one’s means of smoking.

Common Smoking Devices

One of the quintessential symbols of cannabis-smoking, bongs are widely favored for their inclusion of a water chamber, which effectively cools the smoke and filters out heavy particles to create smoother and better-tasting smoke.

Spoons are glass pipes whose name matches their look. They are easily portable and have a small compartment used to pack the cannabis, as well as a small hole, called a “carb,” which can covered or uncovered to control airflow. Bubblers are, in essence, a cross between bongs and spoons. They combine the convenience of portability with the comfort of a water chamber. A chillum is a user-friendly device with a simple design. It is a small, hollow glass pipe with no carb. Lastly, steamrollers are like large chillums which include a carb, and have the capacity to deliver a strong hit of smoke.

Choosing a Glass Device

Now, which piece to choose? Based on one’s frequency of cannabis use, a user might go all out on a fancy bong, or opt for a something simpler and more affordable. Pieces made in China are typically more affordable, but also lack in quality compared to US-made items. Know your level and choose your piece accordingly.

Pass the Glass, How and Why Cannabis-Smokers Use this Versatile Material - The New Amsterdam

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