Portland is known for its communities. Certain locations have always brought people together, especially at the neighborhood level. One of the best is the Interstate Farmers Market. These markets operate seasonally and carry the best local produce, food, and craft goods. It’s a chance for neighbors to come together and support local business at the micro-level. Where can you find the same vibe, local products, and quality in a dispensary, though? That’s where Portland cannabis store The New Amsterdam shines.


Locally grown and sourced flower.

Where do our flowers come from? Just like your neighborhood market, we source as close to home as possible. That means visiting, speaking with and experiencing the products first-hand. Oregon has some of the best growing conditions in the world, and all of our products are grown in-state. We choose quality every single-time, and you won’t find a single low-end strain for sale in our shop. Taste, potency, and growing standards all factor into our decisions.

Delicious freshly created edibles.

Quality you can taste. Edibles offer a different route than smokable products. The effects take longer to activate, but they offer a lot. Edibles are more discreet, can be ingested by users who are unable to smoke, and taste as or more delicious than their non-infused counterparts. We don’t separate the taste, texture, and best practices from the product. High-quality baked goods must taste great, use locally and ethically sourced ingredients, and meet our potency standards.


Cannabis products for every customer. Because cannabis’ uses aren’t limited to a specific type of person, and topicals are one of the best medicinal advancements in years. We choose products for their efficacy and quality. Topicals are a type of a delivery system. If additional mineral oils, butters, and bases don’t meet our standards, we don’t carry the product. You can expect a great selection of tried and tested topicals used to treat conditions that include arthritis, psoriasis, inflammation and neuropathic pain.

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We’re just a short walk to the Willamette River and Lindbergh’s Beach. Whether you want to take a waterfront stroll, visit a local museum, catch a comedy show, or just spend time at home, our products make any activity better. Our knowledgeable budtenders know our flower, edible and extract products inside and out, and we’re happy to answer any and all questions. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, we’ll help you find the perfect product. Because we only carry the best of the best, our quality is never in question. The only question we’ve got for you is, “How can we help you today”? We source the best of the best in Oregon cannabis products. Our products are fresh from Oregon’s best local farms. Stop in, ask questions, hang out. We are your anytime shop.

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