The New Amsterdam: Cultivating Community and Cannabis Together

In the verdant landscapes of Oregon, where the spirit of community weaves through the fabric of daily life, The New Amsterdam dispensaries in Portland, Lakeview, and Kerby emerge not just as purveyors of cannabis but as cornerstones of community development and well-being.


A Commitment to Economic Empowerment

Our journey began with a mission: to contribute positively to our local economies. By setting roots in Portland, Lakeview, and Kerby, we’ve not only brought quality cannabis products closer to home but have also created meaningful employment opportunities. These jobs range from retail positions to roles in cannabis cultivation and product development, each contributing to a thriving local economy. The taxes generated from our sales support vital community services, underscoring our commitment to economic empowerment.

Educational Outreach: Knowledge as Power

At The New Amsterdam, we believe that an informed community is a safe and empowered community. Our dedication to education extends beyond the confines of our dispensaries. Through workshops, seminars, and community events, we strive to demystify cannabis, providing clear, factual information about its use, benefits, and legal responsibilities. This initiative not only helps in destigmatizing cannabis but also promotes a culture of responsible consumption.

Promoting Health and Wellness

Our ethos is rooted in the belief that wellness transcends physical health, encompassing mental and emotional well-being. With this philosophy, we curate our product selection to include a wide range of options catering to various needs — from medicinal CBD products to recreational strains known for their uplifting effects. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to guide customers through our offerings, ensuring they find the right products to support their wellness journey.

Sustainability: A Greener Future

Understanding the environmental impact of cannabis cultivation, The New Amsterdam is also dedicated to sustainability. We prioritize products sourced from growers who employ eco-friendly practices, from water conservation to organic farming, ensuring that our operations contribute positively to the planet’s health as much as they do to our community’s.

A Partner in Community Service

Our role in the community extends beyond commerce and education. We actively participate in local initiatives, from supporting food drives to sponsoring health and wellness events. These activities allow us to give back to the communities that have welcomed us, fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual growth.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, The New Amsterdam dispensaries remain committed to growing alongside our communities in Oregon. By continuing to provide economic opportunities, valuable education, and support for health and wellness, we aim to cultivate not just cannabis but a stronger, more connected community.

In every leaf we sell and every interaction we have, we see an opportunity to enrich lives, proving that together, we can create a legacy of well-being and prosperity for all.



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