The New Amsterdam in Kerby: A Cannabis Haven Along U.S. Route 199

Nestled along the scenic U.S. Route 199 is Kerby, a quintessential Oregon town brimming with untouched charm. While the highway connects travelers to the wonders of Oregon, Kerby stands as a beacon of authentic, local allure. Complementing this classic charm is The New Amsterdam’s newest location, promising top-tier cannabis experiences.

Immerse in Our Distinct Kerby Menu

Venture into our specially curated Kerby menu, a testament to the genuine Oregon spirit. With products ranging from aromatic fresh buds to potent tinctures, every item captures the essence of the region.

U.S. Route 199: Kerby’s Window to Oregon’s Jewels

Strategically positioned along this historic highway, Kerby serves as the perfect starting point for myriad Oregonian adventures:

  1. Journey to Cave Junction: A quick drive down U.S. Route 199 leads to Cave Junction, famed for its natural beauty and as the gateway to the renowned Oregon Caves.
  2. Discover Selma’s Beauty: Just off the highway, Selma offers serene landscapes and a tranquil ambiance, perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat.
  3. Experience O’Brien’s Authenticity: Venture a bit further to immerse in O’Brien’s rustic charm and genuine Oregonian vibe.
  4. Nature’s Bounty in Wilderville: A detour from U.S. Route 199 takes you to Wilderville, where nature trails and picturesque views await exploration.
  5. Wanderlust in Williams: Another gem along the route, Williams promises lush landscapes and an untouched wilderness that beckons the adventurer in you.

The New Amsterdam: Your Oasis on U.S. Route 199

At The New Amsterdam, we don’t just offer products; we provide experiences. As you journey along U.S. Route 199, exploring Kerby and its neighboring treasures, let us be your trusted companion. Engage with our knowledgeable team, explore our offerings, and allow us to enrich your Oregonian narrative.

For locals and travelers alike, cruising down U.S. Route 199, The New Amsterdam, together with the enchanting towns of Cave Junction, Selma, O’Brien, Wilderville, and Williams, crafts unforgettable moments that define the Oregon experience.

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