Understanding Cannabis: The Distinctive Worlds of Indica and Sativa at The New Amsterdam

At The New Amsterdam Dispensary, located in the heart of Portland, with our branches reaching out to the vibrant communities of Kerby and Lakeview, we understand the diverse needs of our customers when it comes to choosing the right cannabis strain. Central to this decision-making process are two key terms in the cannabis world: Indica and Sativa. These classifications, more than just labels, offer insights into the effects, growth patterns, and origins of various strains. This post aims to unravel the mysteries of Indica and Sativa, guiding you through their unique characteristics and helping you understand what to expect from each type.

The Origins and Characteristics: Indica and Sativa have distinct historical and geographical origins. Indica strains originated in the harsh, dry climates of places like Afghanistan, characterized by short, bushy plants with broad leaves. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are native to the warmer, humid climates of regions like Southeast Asia and Central America, known for their tall stature and narrow leaves. These physical differences are a response to their environmental conditions and are key identifiers for cannabis connoisseurs.

Effects and Experiences: The effects of Indica and Sativa strains are as distinct as their origins. Indica strains, often available at our Portland, Kerby, and Lakeview locations, are typically associated with relaxation and sedation, making them ideal for evening use or for those seeking physical relief. Sativa strains, conversely, are known for their energizing and uplifting effects, often enhancing creativity and focus, making them a popular choice for daytime use.

Growth and Cultivation: Understanding the growth patterns of these strains is crucial, especially for our local cultivators in the Pacific Northwest. Indica plants, with their shorter flowering cycles, are often favored in colder climates, while Sativas, requiring a longer growth period, thrive in warmer environments. These differences significantly influence cultivation choices and the availability of strains in regions like Portland, Kerby, and Lakeview.

Hybrids and Modern Cannabis Market: At The New Amsterdam, we recognize that modern consumers seek variety, which is why we offer a range of hybrids that blend the best traits of Indica and Sativa. These hybrids are tailored to provide balanced effects, catering to specific preferences and needs, and are a testament to the evolving nature of cannabis cultivation and consumption.

Choosing the Right Strain for You: Selecting the right strain can be a personal journey, and our knowledgeable staff across Portland, Kerby, and Lakeview are always ready to guide you. Whether you’re looking for the relaxing embrace of an Indica, the energetic spark of a Sativa, or the balanced harmony of a hybrid, we’re here to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle and needs.


The distinction between Indica and Sativa strains is more than just botanical; it’s a pathway to a personalized cannabis experience. We invite you to visit The New Amsterdam Dispensary, be it in Portland, Kerby, or Lakeview, to explore our diverse range of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. Discover the perfect match for your preferences and elevate your cannabis journey with us.

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