Vaping Variety: Exploring Cartridges and Carts at The New Amsterdam

Step into the world of vaping at The New Amsterdam, where we offer an extensive array of cartridges and carts to suit every preference. Located in Portland, Lakeview, and Kerby, our dispensary is your go-to destination for the finest selection of vaping products in Oregon. Whether you’re a fan of indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, our range is sure to impress with its potency and variety.

Here’s a highlight of some of the exceptional cartridges available at The New Amsterdam:

  1. Churros by Gem Carts (Indica)
    • A deliciously potent indica with a THC content of 69.49%, priced at $30.00. Ideal for a relaxing vaping experience.
  2. Critical Plus by Buddies (Hybrid)
    • A dynamic hybrid cartridge offering a high THC level of 82.07% for $40.00. Perfect for those seeking a balanced high.
  3. Kush Mints by Gem Carts (Hybrid)
    • Another splendid hybrid option with a THC concentration of 77.23%, available for $30.00. It’s great for a smooth and minty vaping session.
  4. Oreoz by Entourage Cannabis (Live Resin, Hybrid)
    • A hybrid live resin cartridge with a THC content of 72.51%, priced at $35.00. Offers a rich and immersive vaping experience.
  5. Purple Ape Afghani by The New Amsterdam (Hybrid)
    • A house specialty hybrid cartridge with an impressive THC level of 86.47%, available for just $25.00.
  6. Sour Pineapple (PAX) by Buddies (High CBD)
    • For those preferring CBD, this cartridge has 3.84% THC and 53% CBD, priced at $25.00. It’s an excellent choice for a gentle, soothing effect.
  7. Sugar Magnolia by Buddies (Indica)
    • A potent indica with an 83.3% THC content, available for $40.00. Ideal for those seeking deep relaxation.
  8. Tie Dye by The New Amsterdam (Indica)
    • A strong indica cartridge boasting a THC level of 87.4%, priced at $25.00. Perfect for a calming vaping experience.
  9. Verdant Leaf – Grape Pudintain (Indica)
    • A delightful indica with 80.3% THC, available for $30.00. Offers a unique grape flavor for vape enthusiasts.
  10. Where’s My Dawg by White Label Extracts (Hybrid)
    • A hybrid cartridge with a THC content of 63.72%, priced at $30.00. It’s perfect for a balanced and enjoyable vape.
  11. Alien Chocolate by The New Amsterdam (Indica)
    • An indulgent indica with a THC level of 87.8%, available for $25.00. Offers a rich, chocolatey vaping experience.
  12. Banana Bread (Hybrid) by White Label Extracts
    • A hybrid live resin cartridge with 75.67% THC, priced at $40.00. Perfect for those who enjoy sweet, bakery-inspired flavors.
  13. Black Cherry Punch by The New Amsterdam (Indica)
    • A flavorful indica with a THC content of 88.04%, available for $25.00. Ideal for a fruity and potent vaping session.
  14. Entourage Cannabis – Swiss Watch (Indica Hybrid)
    • A unique indica hybrid cartridge with 76.76% THC, priced at $40.00. Offers a luxurious and smooth vaping experience.
  15. Entourage Cannabis – Peachy Pastries (Hybrid)
    • A hybrid cartridge with 66.72% THC, available for $35.00. Perfect for those who enjoy sweet and fruity flavors.

At The New Amsterdam, we are committed to providing a diverse and high-quality range of vaping products. Our cartridges are carefully selected to ensure the best experience, whether you’re looking for relaxation, energy, or a balanced effect. And for those who prefer the convenience of shopping from home, we offer an online purchasing option with delivery service, bringing the best of vaping right to your doorstep in Portland, Lakeview, or Kerby.

Discover the vaping variety at The New Amsterdam and find the perfect cartridge to elevate your vaping journey. Visit us in-store or online and experience the finest selection of cartridges and carts in Oregon.

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