Buying Pre-Rolls: The Beginner’s Guide to Pre-Rolls

The Beginner’s Guide to Pre-Rolls

Buying pre-rolls is one of the best ways to sample different strains and get a feel for what you prefer in a budget-friendly way. The budtenders at The New Amsterdam can walk you through the process of pre-rolls available in-store. Visiting the store already knowing the benefits of pre-rolls helps you decide which options are the right ones to start with.

Benefits of Pre-Rolls

The many benefits of pre-rolls include:

– The time you save by not having to roll your own joints. Rolling joints with precision takes a lot of practice. Buying pre-rolls means you can smoke a quality joint without putting in thousands of hours.
– The ease of smoking a ready-made joint. For beginners especially, the work of rolling a joint, or choosing a pipe and finding the right amount of flower can be overwhelming. A pre-roll cuts down on those decisions.
– The range of options in a suitable quantity. Pre-rolls are the perfect amount for testing out strains. You can sample varieties without committing money to a large purchase.

These benefits of pre-rolls make them an easy choice for any beginners and a favorite of seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Pre-rolls are one of the easiest options to enjoy the different strains available.

Pre-Roll Pairings

Pre-rolls are a great way to save some money when you’re sampling different strains. The question is, what can you spend that money on to pair with your pre-rolls? From snack options to cheap fun toys, there are some excellent pre-roll pairings out there. These top five are a good place to start.

5. Video Games

Pre-rolls are best shared with good friends and they share that quality with video games. Once you’ve picked up a few pre-roll options, gather your friends to enjoy some of your favorite games. Any group games–Among Us is a good choice–will fit the bill.

4. Gummies

When it comes to buying gummies to enjoy alongside a pre-roll, you have a few options. You can roll with your normal gummy bears, worms, or sours. You can also opt for a CBD gummy to further enhance your experience.

3. Pizza

Pizza is one of those snacks that fits any time, any place, with anyone. Pre-rolls are often best shared with friends. Ordering a pizza–or getting creative and making your own mini pizzas–can make that shared time even better.

2. Sparkling Water or Soda Edibles

Your exploration doesn’t have to end with pre-rolls on your first try. While you’re in the store, check out a few sparkling water and soda edibles. The WYLD brand sparkling water or Magic Number soda will be a perfect pairing for your pre-rolls.

1. Painting Supplies

Painting supplies are one of the pricier items on this list depending on which ones you choose. You can pick up some cheaper watercolor sets and have a paint night with friends after testing out your pre-roll selections.

Pre-Rolls for Beginners: Pre-Packaged Guide for Beginners

Pre-rolls are perfect for beginners or anyone looking to explore new strains for a nice price. Swing by The New Amsterdam to check out our pre-roll selections. You can also shop–or window shop–online to see all of our pre-roll options. Be kind to your wallet and grab some pre-rolls today.

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