Dab Delights: A Tour Through The New Amsterdam’s Extensive Dab Collection

Embark on a journey through The New Amsterdam’s extensive dab collection, where quality, potency, and flavor collide. Our dispensaries in Portland, Lakeview, and Kerby offer a treasure trove of dabs, from RSOs and budders to shatters and sauces. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  1. 1ml RSO – Cherry Chem (Hybrid) by Rebel Roots
    • A balanced hybrid RSO with 59.09% THC, priced at $20.00. Ideal for a potent and soothing experience.
  2. Alta Gardens – Blueberry Breath (Indica)
    • Indica budder with a fruity twist, featuring 70.1% THC, available for $15.00.
  3. Alta Gardens – Bubba’s Ogre (Hybrid)
    • A hybrid budder with 71% THC, priced at $15.00. Perfect for a balanced high.
  4. Alta Gardens – Citrus Cream Kush (Hybrid)
    • Citrus-infused hybrid budder with 70.9% THC, available for $15.00.
  5. Baby Joker by The New Amsterdam (Hybrid)
    • A hybrid crumble with 71% THC, priced at $25.00. Offers a smooth dabbing experience.
  6. Beach Wedding by Sugarbud (Indica)
    • Indica shatter with 75.2% THC, available for $19.99. Ideal for relaxation.
  7. Bermuda by Happy Cabbage Farms (Hybrid)
    • Hybrid rosin with 67.8% THC, priced at a premium $90.00. Known for its quality and potency.
  8. Blueberry Cookie by The New Amsterdam (Indica)
    • Indica sugar with 81.27% THC, available for $18.00. Offers a sweet, potent dab.
  9. Caribbean Breeze by Altered Alchemy (Hybrid)
    • Tropical hybrid sauce with 69.8% THC, priced at $18.00.
  10. Cherry Lime Fritter by White Label Extracts (Hybrid)
    • A tangy hybrid sauce with 69.32% THC, available for $20.00.
  11. Crater Cake by Entourage Cannabis (Hybrid)
    • A flavorful hybrid budder with 67.68% THC, priced at $25.00.
  12. Daily Grape by Higher Cultures (Indica)
    • Grape-flavored indica budder with 70.07% THC, available for $25.00.
  13. Decibel Farms – Banana Pie (Indica)
    • Indica hash with 480.1mg/g THC, priced at $25.00. Perfect for hash enthusiasts.
  14. Decibel Farms – Grape Macaroon (Hybrid)
    • A hybrid hash with 567mg/g THC, available for $25.00.
  15. Donny Burger Nug Run by White Label Extracts (Indica)
    • An indica crumble with 76.3% THC, priced at $19.99.

At The New Amsterdam, our dab collection is carefully curated to ensure a diverse and enjoyable experience for every customer. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or new to the scene, our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through our selection.

For those who prefer the convenience of shopping from home, The New Amsterdam also offers an online purchasing option. Browse our selection, place your order, and enjoy the luxury of our delivery service, bringing the best of dabs right to your doorstep in Portland, Lakeview, or Kerby.

Join us at The New Amsterdam and explore the delightful world of dabs. Find your perfect match and elevate your dabbing journey today!

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