Discover December’s Top Vape Cartridges at The New Amsterdam

As the year draws to a close and the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to explore some of the top vape cartridges available at The New Amsterdam. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing Indica, an energizing Sativa, or a balanced Hybrid, The New Amsterdam has you covered. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the finest vape cartridges you can find this December.

The New Amsterdam – Alien Chocolate (Indica)

THC: 87.8%
Alien Chocolate is a potent Indica strain that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. With a high THC content of 87.8%, this cartridge promises a relaxing experience with a touch of euphoria.

White Label Extracts – Banana Bread (Hybrid) – Live Resin Cartridge

THC: 75.67%
The Banana Bread Hybrid cartridge from White Label Extracts is a delightful choice for those seeking a balanced experience. With 75.67% THC, it provides a smooth blend of relaxation and creativity.
The New Amsterdam – Black Cherry Punch (Indica)

THC: 88.04%
Black Cherry Punch is another potent Indica strain that offers a deeply relaxing experience. With THC levels at 88.04%, this cartridge is perfect for winding down during the holiday season.
Higher Cultures – Cart – Nigerian Silver (Hybrid)

THC: 87.3% | CBD: 0.41%
Nigerian Silver is a Hybrid cartridge that combines the best of both worlds. With 87.3% THC and a touch of CBD, it provides a balanced and enjoyable vaping experience.
Gem Carts – Churros (Indica)

THC: 69.49% | CBD: 0.12%
For those who appreciate unique flavors, the Churros Indica cartridge by Gem Carts is a must-try. With a THC content of 69.49%, it offers a mellow, soothing experience.
The New Amsterdam – Critical Cookies (Indica)

THC: 89.12%
Critical Cookies is an Indica strain known for its strong sedative effects. With THC levels reaching 89.12%, this cartridge is perfect for relaxation and stress relief.
Buddies – Critical Plus (Hybrid)

THC: 82.07% | CBD: 1.14%
If you’re seeking a balanced Hybrid, Buddies’ Critical Plus cartridge is an excellent choice. With a moderate THC level of 82.07% and a touch of CBD, it offers relaxation without overwhelming sedation.
Entourage Cannabis – ALL-IN-ONE vaporizer – Swiss Watch (Indica Hybrid)

THC: 76.76% | CBD: 0.15%
The Swiss Watch Indica Hybrid vaporizer by Entourage Cannabis is a convenient option for those on the go. With THC at 76.76%, it provides a relaxing experience without locking you to the couch.
Entourage Cannabis – LR Cart – Mothers Milk (Sativa Hybrid)

THC: 71.86% | CBD: 0.15%
Mothers Milk is a Sativa Hybrid cartridge that offers a balanced and uplifting experience. With 71.86% THC, it’s perfect for staying active during the festive season.
Entourage Cannabis – LR Cart – White Afghani (Indica)

THC: 80.82% | CBD: 0.13%
White Afghani is an Indica cartridge by Entourage Cannabis, known for its soothing and sedative effects. With 80.82% THC, it’s an excellent choice for relaxation.
This December, treat yourself to some of the finest vape cartridges available at The New Amsterdam. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, creativity, or a balanced experience, there’s a cartridge to suit your preferences. Explore these top choices and elevate your vaping experience during the holiday season.

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