Cannabis Dosage 101: Where Should I Begin?

Welcome back to our series of blog posts at, where we strive to provide valuable, accurate, and accessible information on all things cannabis. Today, we’ll delve into a topic crucial for both beginners and seasoned cannabis consumers alike: cannabis dosage.

First, let’s clear a fundamental understanding – there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cannabis dosage. The “right” amount of cannabis is incredibly personal and depends on numerous factors, including the consumer’s weight, metabolism, tolerance level, the strain of cannabis, and even their current mood or surroundings. Therefore, the journey to finding your ideal cannabis dosage requires some experimentation, patience, and a measure of self-awareness.

Starting with a Low Dosage

For those new to cannabis, the adage “start low and go slow” holds especially true. Start with a low dose of THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Many experts recommend beginning with a dose as low as 2.5 to 5 milligrams of THC. Wait to see how you feel before consuming more. It’s essential to understand that the effects of cannabis can take anywhere from a few minutes (if smoked or vaped) to a few hours (if consumed as an edible) to kick in.

Understanding Tolerance

If you’ve been consuming cannabis for a while, your body might have developed a tolerance to the THC, meaning you’ll need a higher dose to experience the same effects. Regular consumers should be mindful of this and consider taking “tolerance breaks” to reset their system.

Cannabis Forms and Dosage

How you consume cannabis also plays a role in determining the right dose. Different forms of cannabis have different potency levels and methods of absorption, which affect how much you should consume and how quickly you’ll feel the effects.

Flower: If you’re smoking or vaping, start with one or two small puffs and wait at least 15 minutes before consuming more.
Edibles: If you’re consuming edibles, start with a low dose (5-10mg of THC) and wait at least two hours before consuming more. Remember, edibles can take longer to kick in but their effects can be much more intense and longer-lasting.
Tinctures and Oils: These are absorbed more quickly than edibles but slower than smoking. Start with a low dose (similar to edibles), place it under your tongue, and wait at least 15 minutes before consuming more.
Topicals: These cannabis-infused lotions and creams are typically used for localized pain relief, soreness, or inflammation. Because they’re non-intoxicating, dosing isn’t as much of a concern.
The key takeaway here is to start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you find what works best for you. And remember, it’s always better to consume a little less than to consume too much.

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