What marijuana is best for pain?

Using marijuana for pain relief

There are two primary strains of marijuana, Indica and Sativa. Both of these have been cross-bred into an unlimited variety of hybrid plants. Indica is known for its effect on the body. Indica strains are known to provide more of a body-high, whereas Sativa strains are more commonly associated with a head-high. Depending on the condition you’re trying to treat, one strain or a hybrid of the two will provide the best relief. Let’s look at the properties of each strain and what strains are used to treat many common ailments.

Hybrids are the perfect middle-ground.

Hybrid strain offers the uplifting properties of a Sativa with the body-relaxing benefits of an Indica. They are commonly used for pain relief, and one of the most mentioned is AC/DC—this strain is much higher in CBD than THC at a roughly 20:1 ratio. CBD actually helps to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC while leaving the therapeutic benefits intact. That makes AC/DC one of the leading medically recommended marijuana strains for pain.

At the New Amsterdam, we carry AC/DC caps and concentrates.

Harlequin is another great hybrid strain for pain management. With a much higher THC content than AC/DC, it provides a nice middle-ground between THC and CBD. Typical concentrations are close to a 1:1 between CBD and THC.

Hybrids are ideal for treating inflammation, arthritis, migraines, and generalized pain.

How do THC and CBD affect pain relief? THC and CBD are synergistic cannabinoids. They both strengthen the effects of one another, but CBD is not psychoactive. That makes CBD great for pain-relief when you have to keep a clear head, but THC has its benefits as well. Studies have shown that THC contributes to pain relief, especially for neuropathic conditions like nerve damage. Both cannabinoids bind to different receptors in the brain. Because the human body actually produces cannabinoids naturally, your body is already equipped with the perfect delivery system for therapeutic THC and CBD molecules.

Indica for all.

Indica is the primary strain for pain management after hybrids. That’s because Inidca strains offer the full-body feeling that so many patients find provides pain relief. There are a wide range of Indicas that help treat different ailments. Here are some of our favorites.

Blackberry Kush is a great strain for pain relief, especially when you don’t have access to a high-CBD strain. Because CBD strains are still taking off, it’s much more common to find medically useful Indica strains in stock at a local Portland dispensary. We carry Blackberry Kush flower and shatter, so you’re covered.

Indicas are ideal for treating general pain, nerve pain, spinal pain, and cramping.

Redwood Kush is another common strain you’ll find on a medical marijuana recommendations list. This Indica is known for its earthy and robust scent. It is a great option when you’re looking for a happy but relaxing strain, perfect for doing away with minor aches and pains or helping to combat insomnia.

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