Have you tried cannabis topicals?

Cannabis topicals: Heal your body from the outside.

Cannabis isn’t just a beneficial medicine on the inside, it is a powerful topical as well. There are some great pre-made topicals you can purchase, but you can actually make your own at home using your favorite lotions.

What makes topicals such a great option?


  • Cannabis topicals are not psychoactive and will not make you stoned.
  • CBD topicals only contain legally available ingredients.
  • Cannabinoids in topicals are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.



  • Topicals provide localized pain-relief right where you need it.
  • Cannabis helps to reduce inflammation and can help arthritis sufferers.
  • A 2007 study has found evidence topicals can help clear psoriasis.


If you’re suffering from muscle soreness, skin conditions, inflammation, or localized pain, marijuana-infused topicals may provide relief. Studies are still being performed, but anecdotal evidence is strong and compelling. Many topical users have found longterm relief and share their stories online.

How does CBD help with pain?

Dr. Jean Talleyrand, founder and Chief Medical Officer of MediCann in Oakland, California says, “Similar to THC, CBD reduces inflammation, pain, anxiety, in addition to several other important medical activities.”

CBD attaches to many of the same cannabinoid receptors that our naturally produced cannabinoids do. Topicals are a way to direct those cannabinoids directly to the areas that need them.

Dr. Talleyrand says there are three ways that CBD may relieve pain:

  1. CBD molecules attach to vanilloid type pain receptors in order to block pain signals from transmitting.
  2. CBD molecule attach to 5HT1A receptors. These are the same receptors serotonin binds to. Dr. Talleyrand says, “Reducing anxiety improves pain relief.”
  3. CBD may also boost your bodies natural endocannabinoid system by reducing the amount of degrading enzymes. That could make your own system more effective.

Can CBD make you stoned?

No, CBD is not psychoactive. Though some people find it makes them a little sleepy when consumed orally, CBD cannot make you stoned. You also don’t have to worry about CBD showing up on a drug test. You would likely need to consume in excess of 100 doses of CBD in a single day to build up enough THC in your system to test positive.

How to make your own CBD topical.

You don’t have to purchase topicals if you already have a cream, oil, or lotion that you like. Topicals can be easily made at home by mixing CBD Oil directly into your favorite product. This is also a really great cost-effective way to try out a CBD topical and find out if it’s right for you.

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